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Brazil: A Global Player

Due to high demand of the Global Market for Brazilian commodities, and in order to better serve Seller and Buyer, Dealimex International inaugurates its new Business Strategic Unit in Sao Paulo as CDD (Commodities Dedicated Department) and signs strategic agreements with renowned and traditional Brazilian and International Sellers as Exclusive/Official Mandate for all the Middle East, North and West Africa, Canada, Greece, Sweden, Turkey and India where it already has a physical presence through its own branches.

Sugar IC 45

IC 800/1200 (VHP)

IC 150 (Crystal)



Yellow Corn

Fasolia Bean

Soy Bean

Wheat Flour

Milk Powder

Halal Sheep Meat

Halal Beef Meat

Halal Chicken Griller

Halal Chicken Cuts

Chicken Feet

Cashew Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Soy Oil

Sunflower Oil

Corn Oil

Palm Oil






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