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Established in Brazil, in 1990, and motivated by its ability to overcome international barriers due to deep knowledge concerning the language, customs, religion, politics, ideas, and ideals, Dealimex International is a company specialized in international activities focused on Foreign Trade, International Investments and Sports Business Management between Brazil, the Middle East, North and West Africa, Europe and both Americas.

Considering the growing demand of international markets, Dealimex International is constantly on the search for interested in taking part in this Global Market and expand their businesses as:

  • Exporters;

  • Importers;

  • Assets and investment projects owners;

  • International investors searching for big and lucrative projects;

  • International Soccer clubs aiming to strengthen their teams;

  • Athletes and sport professionals pursuing new challenges and international careers.


Over the years and extensive experience Dealimex International was conquering markets in a highly demanding globalized scenario through a solid performance in the following cores:

  • Exports of commodities and various private label products;

  • Investments and financial support mechanisms for assets and Secure Profitable Opportunity projects;

  • Sport careers Management.





"To promote organizational and professional internationalization through advanced intermediation and negotiation techniques and by overcoming global barriers, building strengths and making them more competitives" 



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