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We at Dealimex international, exclusively and on behalf of our sellers, hereby confirm that

we are ready, willing and able to sell sugar IC 45 , IC 150 and IC 800/1200 (VHP):


Note: prices apply to ASWP without any additional, otherwise there will be an additional amount per MT.



How to proceed in order to buy and import sugar from Brazil via Dealimex International?


A- End Buyer sends:

- A Formal LOI (Letter of Intent) or ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) on the end buyer's letterhead digital paper, signed and stamped. (End buyer = the issuer of the LC)



LOI or ICPO must contain the following:

  • Buyer's identification, buyer's company identification with trade license;

  • Product needed and specifications;

  • Quantity;

  • Spot or Contract

  • Target price;                                                                     

  • Port of discharge;

  • Shipment and Schedule;

  • Top 50 buyer's Bank infos with 2 bank managers contacts;

  • Scanned buyer's Passport;

  • Incoterms (and any other relevant info).

B- Below are the globally accepted procedures and adopted by the Brazilian constitution of sugar sellers: 


Procedures (Non-negotiable):

  1. Buyer issues LOI or ICPO with TOP 50 Bank, (We can provide with an ICPO acceptable Sample);

  2. Seller issues SCO/FCO or draft Contract;

  3. Buyer approves, signs the FCO or the draft contract and sends back to seller;

  4. Seller issues sale and purchase final contract;

  5. Seller and buyer sign contract hard copy;

  6. Buyer's Bank issues LC (MT700 / MT760);

  7. Seller's Bank issues proof of product (POP) Bank to Bank upon financial instrument (LC) approval;

  8. Sellers Bank issues 2% performance Bond (PB) (Only in case of monthly contract... PB is not applicable for SPOT deals);

  9. Payment via TT/MT103;

  10. Shipment and delivery.

  • We are sorry but we may not respond your inquiry if you do not agree or have to follow another procedures. Please do not insist on any other suggestions as the above procedures have been adopted after a long period of experience and are non-negotiable.
  • Your LOI or ICPO must be addressed to: "Dealimex International".
  • We don't accept LOIs/ICPOs issued by: Representatives, Spokesmen, Brokers or any others if not the END BUYER.
  • We don't provide with prices before receiving LOI or ICPO.

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