In a globalized world, the language cannot be an impediment to the communication! Aiming to cater the necessities, to shorten distances, to converge ideas and to approach continents, Dealimex offers a solid experience in translations and interpretations services, beyond others, as assessorship in trips, meetings and businesses.


      Specialized Translations:

  • For Industry, economy, business and foreign trade.

  • From and into (Arabic, English, French and Portugues).

  • Prompt,professional and reliable.

      Website Service:

  • Translation and localization of your internet presence.

  • All current file formats.

  • Efficient Content-Management.

Interpreter Service:

  • Simultaneous,conference and conversation interpreters.

  • Available for international trips.

  • Planning capacity at short term.

  • For foreigns on business.

Translation Branches: Academic and schools, theatrical and dramatic adaptation, business administration, auditory, automation, banks, biology, foreign trade, sciences, accounting, contracts, laws and justice, personal documents, dubbing, educational, editing, engineering, export, pharmaceutical, finances, movies, hotel business, nourishing industry, computing, import, judicial, journalism, auctions, books and magazines, marketing, medicine, patents, intellectual rights, publicity, human resources, insurance, telecommunications, tapes transcription, tourism, web pages.



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