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In a globalized world, companies face the major challenge of taking part of foreign markets and meeting the needs of their clients, importers and investors with 360 quality to remain highly competitives.

Conquering international markets means broadening brand advertisement, boosting productivity, increasing sales, generating new jobs and, clearly, higher dividends. However, to effectively make product, investment project and sport professional attract and reach global attention, several boundaries must be overcome, and not only geographically.

Dealimex International strategic and operational platforms offer vantages including highly qualified staff and deep knowledge concerning the language, culture, history, civilization, religion, politics, ideas, ideals, beliefs, principles, and values of Middle Eastern, North African and other arabic-spoken countries, where Dealimex International concentrates its major presence for a total and two-way logistical, technical, operational and communication efficiency, turning its activities towards continuous improvement and achieving a 360 quality, i.e. products, services and partners.  


A Global Supply and communication Chain Management allow Dealimex International, besides creating an International Link between Suppliers and Demanders, to be able to monitor and precisely track its operations, in an intelligent and agile way and in real time, permanently connecting Source to Destination.



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